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Aug 2020

#44 - Objects to Observe in September 2020

Find out which objects to observe in September and find out how you observe the winter constellations without having to endure the cold temperatures.

Aug 2020

#43 - An Economic Way to Double Your Eyepiece Collection

Adding a barlow to your kit is a great way to double your eyepiece collection. Chris and Shane discuss the pros and cons of barlows as well as an overview on different mounts the are available to astronomers. 

Aug 2020

#42 - Life, The Universe and Everything!

After a quick shout out to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Chris and Shane talk about recent observations of the Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Aug 2020

#41 - All About Backyard Observatories

Chris is thinking building an observatory at a dark site. Shane shares all of his learnings of owning a backyard observatory. If you have ever thought about building an observatory, this episode is for you!

Aug 2020

#40 - Learn Different Techniques to See More Planetary Detail

Chris and Shane talk about different techniques to see the last little bit of planetary detail and share recent observations of Jupiter, Venus, and Mars.

Aug 2020

#39 - Perseid Meteor Shower and Using the Summer Triangle to Navigate the Sky

We are in the middle of the Perseid meteor shower, this episode will tell you everything you need to observe it. Also find out about the Summer Triangle in the sky!

Aug 2020

#38 - Filter Impacts & More Planetary Observing

Chris and Shane discuss some new gear purchases and filter use during planetary observing.

Aug 2020

#37 - Deep Dive Into Scorpius

Chris and Shane discuss the history of Scorpius and some of the best objects to observe in the constellation.

Aug 2020

#36 - Lots of Planetary Observing Reports with Eyepiece and Filter Comparisons

The weather has been good for astronomy which means Chris and Shane have lots to share!

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