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Oct 2020

#61 - Your Guide to Observing the Moon

There is no other object that has more detail to observe than our Moon. This episode provides observing tips and resources to help your observations. 

Oct 2020

#60 - Objects to Observe in November 2020

Chris and Shane discuss lots of interesting objects to add to your November observing plan. 

Oct 2020

#59 - Your Guide to Observing in the Constellation of Pegasus

Chris and Shane discuss the objects to observe in Pegasus which is currently well place in the fall skies. 

Oct 2020

#58 - Comparing Eyepieces, Telescopes, and Filters

Chris and Shane discuss the results of recent gear comparisons that Chris performed. 

Oct 2020

#57 - Observing Mars Throughout History

Chris and Shane talk about early observations of Martian ‘canals’ and other interesting Mars observations from the past. 

Oct 2020

#56 - Last Week’s Observing Recap

Chris and Shane share some of their recent observations. Chris gives his initial thoughts on his new Nikon 1.6x barlow.

Oct 2020

#55 - Listener Questions Are Answered

Chris and Shane answer a bunch of listener astronomy questions that were emailed to the show.

Oct 2020

#54 - Incredible Mars Observation

On Oct 3rd, Chris and Shane had their best Mars observation of their lifetimes. Lots of details reported in this episode. 

Oct 2020

#53 - Objects to Observe in October 2020

Mars is a ‘must observe’ object this month. Chris and Shane discuss this and other objects to have a look at. 

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