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Feb 2021

#95 - An Introduction to Deep Sky Objects

Chris and Shane provide a general overview of deep sky objects and some of the observational history.

Feb 2021

#94 - Finally, We Have Our Own Observing Report

Shane tried to split Sirius A and B during two observing sessions and observed the Lunar Wall. Chris provides an update on his Webb research project. 

Feb 2021

#93 - Deep Sky Observing in Canis Major, Canis Minor, Monoceros, and a Few Other Constellations!

Chris and Shane talk about some of the best deep sky objects to observe right now!

Feb 2021

#92 - Listener Observations of Sirius B - A Bucket List Double!

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. It is also a very difficult double to split. Chris and Shane discuss two listeners observations that recently observe red Sirius B. 

Feb 2021

#91 - Telescopes and the Lunar X

Special guest, Dave Chapman, joins Chris and Shane to chat about telescopes and his role in making the Lunar X a popular observational target. Check out for some extra links to Dave’s Lunar X article and YouTube video on telescopes. 

Feb 2021

#90 - Meanderings of Two Bored Astronomers

The weather has ruined any observing hopes during the previous week. Chris and Shane talk about some new eyepieces and a chair that Chris received as well as some gear that is on their wish lists. 

Feb 2021

#89 - Lots of Eyepiece Discussion…and Some Other Stuff

Chris and Shane discuss an interesting listener observing report about testing a 25mm Starbase Kellner. 

Feb 2021

#88 - Objects to Observe in February 2021

Find out what you can observe in our solar system during February. 

Note: We decided to swap the order of this weeks episodes after we recorded, so the episode number you hear is incorrect. 

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