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May 2021

#122 - Early Morning Planet Observing and Chris’s Takahashi Setup is Nearing Completion

Chris and Shane recap their observing from the past week and Chris was able to test his new configuration for the Takahashi FC100.

May 2021

#121- Recreating Galileo’s Observations

Special guests, Clark Muir - RASC National History Chair and Randall Rosenfeld - RASC Past National History Chair, join Chris and Shane to discuss details of observations by the first astronomers. Clark also shares his project of creating and using a Galileo telescope. 

May 2021

#120 - Binoviewers and a DIY Variable Barlow

Shane talks about the advantages of binoviewers for deep sky observing and Chris shares his current project of building a DIY variable barlow. 

May 2021

#119 - Deep Sky Observing in Ophiuchus

Chris is working on an article for next year’s RASC Observer’s Handbook that lists interesting objects to observe in Ophiuchus. Hear all about it in this episode. 

May 2021

#118 - First Light For a New Mount and Eyepiece as Well as Some Observing Reports

Shane talks about his Berlebach Castor II mount and Takahashi 32mm Abbe ortho. This episode also has a few observing reports.

May 2021

#117 - Listener Emails

Chris and Shane read and discuss recent listener emails.

May 2021

#116 - Miscellaneous Astronomy Ramblings

Chris and Shane discuss everything from new meal options when on dark sky excursions, to updates on individual astro volunteer tasks, to observing reports…and a few other things. 

May 2021

#115 - Objects to Observe in May 2021

Chris and Shane talk about solar objects objects and events to observe in May. 

May 2021

#114 -Gear Talk

Chris and Shane talk about some recent experiences with eyepieces, tripods, and a Herschel wedge. NOTE: This episode has some audio distortion towards the end that could not be removed. 

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