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Jun 2021

#130 - What is the Criteria that Defines a ‘Good Observer’?

Chris and Shane discuss a listener question, what are the attributes that good observers have?

Jun 2021

#129 - Night Vision and Dark Adaptation

Chris and Shane discuss some of the science regarding night vision as well as some tips on how to achieve and preserve your night vision. 

Jun 2021

#128 - Observing with 50mm Refractors

Chris and Shane have nearly completed adding all of the parts needed to use their miniBorg 50mm telescopes. You might be surprised what a 50mm ‘finder scope’ can show!

Jun 2021

#127 - All About Finding Stuff in Space

Chris and Shane walk through how they determine what to observe in the night sky and how to use different tools to locate your object. 

Jun 2021

#126 -Ophiuchus Observing Report

Chris has been making good progress on his Ophiuchus observing project, he shares details in this episode. 

Jun 2021

#125 - Small Telescope Observing

Shane delivers his presentation about why he enjoys using small telescopes. Download the presentation at to follow along.  

Jun 2021

#124 - Lots of Recent Observing!

Chris and Shane were able to get lots of observing done this past week. Hear the details in this episode. 

Jun 2021

#123 - Objects to Observe in June 2021

Chris and Shane discuss solar system objects and events to observe in June. 

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