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Nov 2021

#174 - An Unexpected Review of the Pentax XW Eyepieces

Chris and Shane talk about their experiences with the Pentax XW eyepieces. 

Nov 2021

#173 - Observing Minor Planets and Asteroids

Now that Jupiter and Saturn are getting lower in the sky, Chris and Shane talk about observing other solar system objects. 

Nov 2021

#172 - Partial Lunar Eclipse Observations

Chris and Shane discuss multiple observations of the colourful partial lunar eclipse. 

Nov 2021

#171 - All About the 2021 Partial Lunar Eclipse

Chris and Shane discuss everything you will need to know about the partial lunar eclipse on November 19, 2021.

Nov 2021

#170 - Suitcase Observatory Update & Pondering New Telescopes

Shane gives an update on his progress with building a suitcase observatory. Then Chris and Shane discuss some telescopes they are thinking of buying in the future. 

Nov 2021

#169 - Autumn Observing Part 2

Part 2 of Autumn Observing is all about prominent constellations and the interesting the objects that lie within. 

Nov 2021

#168 - 30mm APM UFF & 32mm Masuyama Initial Reports

Chris and Shane share their initial thoughts after using using their new wide field eyepieces. 

Nov 2021

#167 - Objects to Observe in November 2021

Chris and Shane discuss solar system objects to observe in October 2021. 

Nov 2021

#166 - More New Eyepieces to Test

Shane purchased a 30mm APM UFF eyepiece. This sparks a discussion about upcoming eyepiece comparisons that Chris and Shane plan on doing with the 12.5mm Docter, 12.5mm Baader Morpheus, 13mm T6 Nagler and the other comparison will be between the 30mm APM UFF, 31mm T6 Nagler, and 32mm Masuyama. 

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