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Jan 2022

#188 - When Will the Skies Clear?!?!

Chris and Shane have not been able to observe, but read some listener emails and cover some miscellaneous topics. 

Jan 2022

#187 - Understanding Eyepieces

Many listener emails were asking questions about eyepieces so this episode is about eyepiece characteristics.

Jan 2022

#186 - More JWST and Meteorite Information

Chris and Shane discuss some listener photos of the James Webb Space Telescope and talk a little bit about meteorites again.

Jan 2022

#185 - Collecting Meteorites

Chris and Shane talk about how to build a meteorite collection.

Jan 2022

#184 - A Very Chilly Observing Session & an Amazing Listener Observation of the James Webb Space Telescope

Chris and Shane cover a number of different topics including Shanes cold weather observing session and an incredible listener observation of the JWST. 

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