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Aug 2022

#247 - Observing Reports

Chris and Shane share some of their recent observing reports. 

Aug 2022

#246 - A Short History of Burnham’s Celestial Handbook and it’s Author

Shane gets the day off! Chris walks through the history of the Burnham’s Celestial Handbook. 

Aug 2022

#245 - All About Binocular Mounts

Some binoculars require a mount in order to provide stable views. Chris and Shane discuss the various mounting options for binoculars.

Aug 2022

#244 - Objects to Observe in August 2022

Chris and Shane talk about interesting objects to observe in August 2022.

Jul 2022

#243 - Accessories for Astronomy

Chris and Shane discuss some of their favourite astronomical accessories.

Jul 2022

#242 - Observing in the Toy Box Constellations

Chris and Shane talk about observing in Vulpecula, Sagitta, Delphinus, and Equuleus. 

Jul 2022

#241 - Catching Up

Chris and Shane get caught up. A new telescope, eyepiece, and adapters are discussed. 

Jul 2022

#240 - Observing the Sun

Chris and Shane provide everything you need to begin observing the Sun. 

Jul 2022

#239 - Observing Dark Nebula: A Beginner’s Guide

Chris and Shane list some excellent dark nebula to observe this summer. Show notes for this episode are found at

Jul 2022

#238 - Surfing the Summer Star Clouds

Chris and Shane discuss summer star clouds that are great targets to add to your observing list. Show notes for this episode are found at

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