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May 2020

#17 - You’ve Purchased a Telescope and Some Eyepieces….Now What?

Chris and Shane share some tips on how to prepare to observe close to home as well as over night at a remote location.

May 2020

#16 - In the Voice of Jim Morrison…This is the End, of Venus Observations

Chris and Shane have concluded this current round of Venus observations and explain why they observed the planet on many different evenings. In addition Shane shares his recent session observing the Sun with a hydrogen alpha telescope.

May 2020

#15 - Learn About the 4 Terrestrial Planets….Hint, it’s the Inner 4 Planets

The episode focuses on the four planets that are closest to the Sun. Chris and Shane also talk about an interesting Mercury and Venus pairing to observe on May 23, 2020.

May 2020

#14 - Recent Observing and a Guide to Astronomy Binoculars

Chris and Shane share some recent observing reports as well as some of the binoculars that they like to use for astronomy.

May 2020

#13 - Keeping a Record of Your Observations

Shane likes to keep written logs of his observations and Chris likes to sketch what he sees at the eyepiece. Listen as they battle to the death to determine which method is better....just kidding, no battles here. Just tips that you can use to log your observations.

May 2020

#12 - Map of the Sky, Which is the Right Star Atlas for You?

Before the days of GPS, many people used road atlases to navigate during travel. Astronomers still use atlases to navigate the night sky. There are many star atlases available, Chris and Shane discuss many of the common ones available.

May 2020

#11 - Everything about Eyepieces

Have you ever wondered what eye relief is? Or what F.O.V. stands for when you are looking to purchase an eyepiece? This episode tells you about the basics of eyepieces for your telescope.

May 2020

#10 - New telescope first light!

Chris and Shane have each received new telescopes. Come listen to the first light reports and other other helpful tips such as how to test the optics of a new telescope.

May 2020

#9 - Objects to Observe in May 2020

Chris and Shane talk about the objects they are excited to observe in May.

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