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Sep 2021

#151 - More Deep Sky Observing Reports

Chris and Shane recap some recent observing. 

Sep 2021

#152 - Dark Sky Observing Report

Chris and I Shane we’re finally able to observe together at Chris’s new site. Heear all about their great night of observing. 

Sep 2021

#149 - Shane Has First Light With the Borg 50FL

Shane received his Borg 50FL and talks about a short session observing Jupiter and Saturn. Chris used his new telescope cover to get some extra observing done.

Sep 2021

#150 - Objects to Observe in September 2021

Chris and Shane talk about solar system objects to observe in September. 

Aug 2021

#148 - Continuing the Summer Stars and Planets Presentation

Chris and Shane discuss observing Jupiter and Saturn. 

Aug 2021

#147 - The Stars and Terrestrial Planets of Summer

Chris and Shane talk about some easy guide stars for the summer sky and an overview of the terrestrial planets. 

Aug 2021

#146 - New Gear Has Arrived and More is on the Way

Chris and Shane talk about some new some gear they have received as well as some that is on the way. 

Aug 2021

#145 - Recent Listener Observing Reports

We have received some interesting observing reports and chose a few to discuss on the podcast. 

Aug 2021

#144 - Chris and Shane Have Some Observing Reports

Chris and Shane had some really good observing conditions and took full advantage of it! Hear the details in this episode. 

Aug 2021

#143 - Dark Sky Observing Report

Chris and was able to do some dark sky observing in Grasslands National Park and at his new site near Regina. Check out this episode for his observations. 

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