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Dec 2022

#280 - Logging Observations Part 1

Chris and Shane read and discuss listener emails about various ways to log observations.

Dec 2022

#279 - Objects to Observe in December 2022

Chris and Shane discuss objects to observe in December 2022.

Nov 2022

#278 - Mars, Jupiter, & DSO Observing Reports

Chris and Shane share their recent observations of Mars, Jupiter, and some deep sky objects. 

Nov 2022

#277 - Learning the Night Sky

Chris and Shane discuss different ways to learn the location of constellations and other objects in the night sky.

Nov 2022

#276 - Schmidt Cassegrains versus Dobsonians

Chris and Shane talk about the differences and similarities between Schmidt Cassegrains and dobsonian telescopes. 

Nov 2022

#275 - Listener Observing Reports

Chris and Shane read listener observing reports. 

Nov 2022

#274 - New 85 Degree Pentax Eyepieces

Chris and Shane talk about the newly announced 85 degree Pentax eyepieces and previously released Pentax eyepieces. 

Nov 2022

#273 - Pun Contest Conclusion

Chris and Shane read the last pun submissions and announce a winner. 

Nov 2022

#272 - ATM-ing with Special Guest Tom Otvos

Chris and Shane discuss amateur telescope making with special guest Tom Otvos. Show notes are available at

Nov 2022

#271 - Observations and Puns

Chris and Shane read listener observations and pun contest entries. 

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