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Dec 2021

#178 - Electric Jackets, Flashlight Hacks, and Comet Leonard Observations

Chris and Shane discuss a buffet of topics on this episode and a shoutout to Feedspot for placing our podcast in their top 5 list. Check it out here

Dec 2021

#177 - Getting Ready For Cold Weather Observing

Chris and Shane share what they do to stay warm while observing in cold temperatures. 

Dec 2021

#176 - Listener Observations of Comet C/2021 A1 Leonard

Chris and Shane read listener observations of comet C/2021 A1 Leonard.

Dec 2021

#175 - Comet Leonard and Other Objects to Observe in December 2021

Comet Leonard has potential to become a naked eye comet in December. Chris and Shane talk about this and other objects to observe in December. 

Nov 2021

#174 - An Unexpected Review of the Pentax XW Eyepieces

Chris and Shane talk about their experiences with the Pentax XW eyepieces. 

Nov 2021

#173 - Observing Minor Planets and Asteroids

Now that Jupiter and Saturn are getting lower in the sky, Chris and Shane talk about observing other solar system objects. 

Nov 2021

#172 - Partial Lunar Eclipse Observations

Chris and Shane discuss multiple observations of the colourful partial lunar eclipse. 

Nov 2021

#171 - All About the 2021 Partial Lunar Eclipse

Chris and Shane discuss everything you will need to know about the partial lunar eclipse on November 19, 2021.

Nov 2021

#170 - Suitcase Observatory Update & Pondering New Telescopes

Shane gives an update on his progress with building a suitcase observatory. Then Chris and Shane discuss some telescopes they are thinking of buying in the future. 

Nov 2021

#169 - Autumn Observing Part 2

Part 2 of Autumn Observing is all about prominent constellations and the interesting the objects that lie within. 

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