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May 2022

#225 - Beginner’s Advice

Now that Covid restrictions have lifted in many different countries, Chris and Shane revisit some advice for people new to the hobby. 

May 2022

#224 - Lunar Eclipse Observations

Chris and Shane share the pie Lunar Eclipse observation reports. Chris gives an update on his recently acquired Celstron Comet Catcher. 

May 2022

#223 - All About Binoculars

Chris and Shane dedicate this episode to binoculars!

May 2022

#222 - Chris Purchased a Vintage Telescope!

Chris talks about his newest telescope, a Celestron Comet Hunter!

May 2022

#221 - All About Reflectors

Chris and Shane continue the focused discussion on different telescope designs. This episode is all about reflectors!

May 2022

#220 - A Couple of Short Observing Reports & A Bunch of Listener Emails

Chris and Shane both have observing reports to share and a bunch of listeners emails to read. 

May 2022

#218 - New Telescope First Light

Shane received his Takahashi TSA-102 and was able to get it out for first light. Chris shares his observation report of some spring planets. 

May 2022

#219 - Objects to Observe in May 2022

Chris and Shane discuss objects to observe in May 2022. 

Apr 2022

#217 - All About Compound Telescopes

Chris and Shane talk about Schmidt-cassegrains, Maksutovs, and other styles of compound telescopes.

Apr 2022

#216 - Details About Shane’s New Refractor and Listener Emails

Chris and Shane discuss the Takahashi TSA-102 and read some listener emails. 

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