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Jun 2020

Recent Observations of the Moon, Jupiter, and Double Stars

Chris and Shane share some recent observations from their backyards.

Jun 2020

#25 - Cloudy Night Astronomy

Sometimes the weather conspires against amateur astronomers by delivering cloudy skies. Chris and Shane discuss their favorite astronomy books and websites that are perfect cloudy night pastimes. 

Jun 2020

#24 - Discover Some Lesser Known Constellations

Have you heard of the Summer Triangle? Chris and Shane will tell you what this is and talk about some spectacular objects to observe in a few small constellations.

Jun 2020

#23 - Easy Astrophotography

The beautiful astronomy photos that you see in magazines often require a lot of time and expensive gear. In this episode, Chris and Shane talk about how you can easily capture amazing astro photos with your phone or a DSLR style camera!

Jun 2020

#22 - A Noctilucent Cloud Sighting! Find Out Which Comets and Asteroids Are Visible this Month

Chris and Shane describe a recent noctilucent cloud observation and talk about some solar system objects that will be observable during the next two weeks.

Jun 2020

#21 - Learn About the Gaseous Planets…Hint, it’s the Other 4 Planets We Didn’t Talk About in Episode #15

Learn about the 4 gaseous planets in our solar system. Chris and Shane give tips on how to observe these planets.

Jun 2020

#20 - Now is the Time to Observe Noctilucent Clouds

Chris and Shane share recent observations of the Sun, Mercury, and our Moon. Noctilucent cloud season is upon us, find out what this phenomena is and how to observe it.

Jun 2020

#19 - Using Exit Pupil as a Guide to Build Your Eyepiece Collection

Exit pupil is another approach that can be used to determine which eyepieces match your telescope. Never heard of exit pupil? Do not worry, Chris and Shane explain this concept.

Jun 2020

#18 - Objects to Observe in June 2020

Even though June does not have much darkness due to the long days, Chris and Shane share objects that they plan to observe in June.

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