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Sep 2020

#52 - The Art of Sketching Observations

Chris and Shane welcome observing friend Kathleen as the first guest appearance on the podcast. Kathleen shares her thoughts on sketching observations and other aspects of amateur astronomy. 

Sep 2020

#51 - Chris and Shane Discuss Their Most Memorable Observations

Chris and Shane have been observing the nigh sky for a long time. Hear about their most memorable observations. You may want to add some of these to your observing lists. 

Sep 2020

#50 - Chris’s Recent Mars Observations

Dark sky observing plans were scuttled due to wild fire smoke, however Chris was still able to view Mars on a couple of different nights. 

Sep 2020

#49 -Your Guide to Observing Mars 2020

Every two years, Mars becomes an interesting telescopic object to observe due to it's close proximity to Earth. 2020 happens to be one of the close approaches, in fact this will be the closest Mars is to Earth until 2034!

Sep 2020

#48 - Finally Chris and Shane Observe Together…Under a Dark(ish) Sky

For the first time this year, Chris and Shane meet up to observe under a relatively dark sky. Listen to hear the observations of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, various clusters, and an excellent double star in Andromeda. 

Sep 2020

#47 - Andromeda Constellation Deep Dive

Chris and Shane provide some astronomical history of the Andromeda constellation and list many interesting objects to observe within it.

Sep 2020

#46 - First Light Review of the Skywatcher AZ-GTI & Last light review of the Masuyama 35mm

Chris finally got the mount he has been wanting and tells us the pros and cons. Shane decided he does not like the Masuyama 35mm, find out why.

Sep 2020

#45 - Chris Has Transformed Into a Nocturnal Creature and Shane Tests a Legendary Eyepiece

Chris continues to log pre-sunrise observations and Shane tests a recently acquired 35mm Masuyama eyepiece. There are lots of planetary observations to hear about.

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