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Nov 2020

#70 - Objects to Observe in December 2020

Chris and Shane highlight some interesting things to observe in December, including a once in a lifetime conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. 

Nov 2020

#69 - Listener Questions are Answered #3

Chris and Shane empty out the Actual Astronomy galactic mail bag and provide answers to listener questions. 

Nov 2020

#68 - First Light For the Borg and a Skywatcher AZ5 Review

Shane was able to try the 50mm at night and Chris provides a review for the Skywatcher AZ5 mount. 


We are pleased to announce that we made it onto the Top 15 Astronomy Podcasts list. Check it out if you would like to discover new astronomy podcasts. 

Nov 2020

#67 - Starter Telescope Recommendations

Chris and Shane discuss multiple starter telescope options. If you are thinking about buying your first telescope or gifting a telescope, this episode was made for you. 

Nov 2020

#66 - Eyepiece Chat

Chris and Shane talk about how effective some lower priced eyepieces are. A listener’s audio message about his experience with a new eyepiece is played and Shane shares how he has conquered the cold!

Nov 2020

#65 - The Ultimate Guide to Observing Guides

An observing guide is a great resource to help plan observing sessions. Chris and Shane share their favourite observing guides. 

Nov 2020

#64 - Seven Planets in One Night and a Telescope Comparison

Chris was able to observe 7 planets in one night and Shane compares an old Zeiss telescope to a modern Takahashi.

Nov 2020

#63 - Your Guide to Observing Mercury

Mercury is going to be in a favourable position in the sky for observing. Find out everything you need to know to see the planet that is closest to the sun. 

Nov 2020

#62 - Listener Questions Are Answered #2

Lots of excellent questions have come into the podcast that Chris and Shane answer. 

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