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Dec 2020

#79 - Objects to Observe in January 2021

Find out what you can observe in our solar system during January. One of the highlights is a close grouping of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury.

Dec 2020

#78 - Final Conjunction Observations and Looking Towards 2021

Chris and Shane discuss their final observations of the Great Conjunction and what gear purchases they are thinking about in 2021.

Dec 2020

#77 - Your Guide to Observing Double Stars

Observing double stars can be extremely rewarding. Chris and Shane discuss what you need to know to start observing double stars.

Dec 2020

#76 - Almost Great Conjunction Observations

Chris and Shane compare their observations of Jupiter and Saturn as the two planets approach conjunction. The tonal colour differences surprise Chris and Shane. 


Dec 2020

#75 - The Great Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction

On December, 21st Jupiter and Saturn will be 1/10th of 1 degree apart! This is closest that they will appear in the sky in the telescope and won’t be close than 1 degree until 2080. However, do not wait for December 21st! You should start observing them now because they are very close. More details in this episode.

Dec 2020

#74 - Light Pollution Filters & A Book Give Away

Chris and Shane discuss the merits of using filters that claim to help with light pollution and find out how you can win a brand new copy of the RASC 2021 Observers Handbook.

Dec 2020

#73 - A Beautiful Open Cluster Tour

Chris and Shane discuss a wonderful open cluster tour that goes through Taurus and Perseus. You can do this tour with binoculars or a telescope...if you have very dark skies, then all you need are your eyes!

Dec 2020

#72 - Find Out What is Possible with a Celestron 76mm Firstscope

A longtime listener, Phil, joins Chris and Shane in this episode. Phil shares his experiences with a Celestron Firstscope that he transformed into a Supermod 76!

Dec 2020

#71 - A Frankenscope and Observing Colour on the Moon

Shane shares how he cobbled together a telescope from a bunch of spare parts and discusses an interesting observation of colour on the Moon. 

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