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Jan 2021

#87 - 3D Printing and Astronomy

Special guest Justin Wasner joins Chris and Shane on this episode. Justin is an amateur astronomer who also has a lot of knowledge and experience regarding 3D printing. Check out to see Justin’s presentation on 3D printing that he references in this episode. 

Jan 2021

#86 - Chris and Shane’s Current Observing Projects/Lists

If you are looking for a new observing project, you might find some inspiration in this episode. Chris and Shane share the lists and projects that they are focusing on. More information regarding this episode can be found at 

Jan 2021

#85 - Our Companion to Objects to Observe in the Night Sky

Chris and Shane spend the entire episode defining astronomical terms that you hear on this podcast and read in various observing guides. 

Jan 2021

#84 -Searching For New Dark Sky Locations

Chris and Shane discuss a new location that might be a good dark sky observing site and share some tips how you can find a dark sky site near your home. A new website for Actual Astronomy is introduced as well,

Jan 2021

#83 - Deep Sky Observing in Orion, Taurus, and Perseus

Chris and Shane talk about some interesting deep sky objects to observe in some well placed winter constellations. Just in time for new Moon!

Jan 2021

#82 - Tasco 10TE First Light & One More Listener Observation Log

Shane talks about first light with his recently acquired classic telescope, the Tasco 10TE. There is also one more listener observation log that was done in a unique way.

Jan 2021

#81 - More Listener Observation Logs

In Episode 80, Chris and Shane were not able to discuss all of the listener observations so. This episode is a continuation of listener observations. 

Jan 2021

#80 - Book Give Away Winner & Listener Observations

Chris and Shane announce the winner of the 2021 RASC Observer’s Handbook and discuss observations logs submitted by listeners. 

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