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Mar 2021

#104 - Chris’s New Tiny Telescope, Finders, and Observing Reports

Chris purchased one of Shane’s miniBorg 50mm telescopes and is now a member of the Tiny Telescope club! Other discussion points in this episode are the different finders that are available and some observing reports. 

Mar 2021

#103 - Your Guide to Buying Used Astronomy Gear

Chris and Shane discuss where and how to buy used astronomy gear. This is a great way to acquire items that are on your wish list. 

Mar 2021

#102 - Double Star and Solar Observing Reports

Chris and Shane discuss their recent observing and share a listener report about observing double stars.

Mar 2021

#101 - Deep Sky Observing in Auriga, Gemini, and Cancer

Chris and Shane discuss interesting deep sky objects that you can observe tonight! You can find show notes for this episode at

Mar 2021

#100 - 40mm Eyepiece Comparisons and Observing Reports

Shane recently compared a 40mm Takahashi MC ortho to a 40mm Pentax kellner while observing some double stars and shares his thoughts. Chris has been doing some naked eye observing and a listener shares their observation of the zodiacal light. 

Mar 2021

#99 - Gear Works: Diagonals and Eyepiece Field of View

Chris and Shane discuss the various options with different diagonals that are available and provide clarity on true field of view vs. apparent field of view with eyepieces. 

Mar 2021

#98 - A New Eyepiece For Shane & Chris is Considering a Tiny Telescope

Shane shares the reasoning for buying a TMB 25mm Ortho and Chris shares why he is thinking about buying a 40mm telescope. 

Mar 2021

#97 - Objects to Observe in March 2021

Chris and Shane talk about interesting objects and events to observe in March.

Mar 2021

#96 - Book Reviews and an Observing Log Template

Chris and Shane talk about a few different books as well as a review from a listener. Chris shares his observing log template and how to prepare to observe without having to fumble through a star atlas. 

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