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Apr 2021

#109 - Learn About Variable Star Observing and the AAVSO

Chris and Shane welcome Dr. Stella Kafka - CEO & Executive Director of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO). Find out how to observe variable stars and learn about the numerous resources available at

Apr 2021

#108 - A Telescope Horror Story and Some Observing Reports With Unexpected Aurora

Shane shares a horror story regarding his Takahashi 76dcu. Also hear about Chris’s attempt to observe comet C/2020 R4 ATLAS and Shane was able to observe some double stars from the RASC double star program. 

Apr 2021

107 - Your Guide to Upgrading Gear

If you are thinking about upgrades to your astronomy, this episode is for you. Chris and Shane share their upgrade experiences. 

Apr 2021

#106 -Advice For Buying an H-alpha Solar Telescope & Chris Shares First Light With the miniBorg 50

Shane shares a recent solar observing report and provides some tips fur purchasing your first h-alpha telescope. Chris had first light with his 50mm miniBorg and shares his observing report. 

Apr 2021

#105 - Objects to Observe In April 2021

Join Chris and Shane as they discuss solar system events and objects to observe in April. 

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