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Jul 2021

#139 - Dark Sky Packing Survival Guide

Chris and Shane discuss what they pack for dark sky observing. 

Jul 2021

#138 - No Clouds, But Lots of Forest Fire Smoke

Forest fire smoke has been reducing the observing opportunities, but Chris was able to get some observing at his new site.  

Jul 2021

#137 - Another Listener Mailbag Episode

Chris and Shane read some listener emails covering many different topics. One listener is building his own alt/az mount with tracking and goto capabilities!

Jul 2021

136 - Unplanned Gegenschein Observation

Dave Chapman shares his unplanned observation of the gegenschein from the Winter Star Party in Florida, US. 

Jul 2021

#135 - Light Pollution Abatement

Chris and Shane discuss the astronomer’s nemesis, light pollution!

Jul 2021

#134 - A New Observing Site and Some Listener Emails

Chris has a new observing site that has great potential and some listener emails are read. 

Jul 2021

#133 - Summer Binocular Tour

Chris and Shane take listeners on a binocular tour of the night sky. Show notes available at

Jul 2021

#132 - New Perspectives From Old Astronomers

Chris shares some observations from old astronomers and how they saw the night sky. 

Jul 2021

#131 - Objects to Observe in July 2021

Chris and Shane discuss solar system objects and events to observe in July. Show notes available at

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