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Sep 2021

#157 - Objects to Observe in October 2021

Chris and Shane discuss interesting solar system objects and events to observe!

Sep 2021

#156 - First Light With the Binoviewer and Mount Surgery

Shane talks about first light with his binoviewer and find an update on Chris’s Skywatcher AZ-GTi repairs. 

Sep 2021

#155 - Autumn Observing

Chris and Shane talk about fall constellations and the objects to observe. 

Sep 2021

#154 - Binoviwer is in the Mail and Some New Dobs From StellaLyra

Shane is excited to receive a binoviewer and there are some new dobs from StellaLyra. 

Sep 2021

#153 - Listener Emails

Chris and Shane respond to listener emails. 

Sep 2021

#151 - More Deep Sky Observing Reports

Chris and Shane recap some recent observing. 

Sep 2021

#152 - Dark Sky Observing Report

Chris and I Shane we’re finally able to observe together at Chris’s new site. Heear all about their great night of observing. 

Sep 2021

#149 - Shane Has First Light With the Borg 50FL

Shane received his Borg 50FL and talks about a short session observing Jupiter and Saturn. Chris used his new telescope cover to get some extra observing done.

Sep 2021

#150 - Objects to Observe in September 2021

Chris and Shane talk about solar system objects to observe in September. 

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