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Oct 2021

#165 - Autumn Observing Part 1

Part 1 of Autumn Observing starts with Chris and Shane talking about the early astronomers that begun to chart the night sky and plot deep sky objects that they discovered. 

Oct 2021

#164 - Traditional Observatory and a Suitcase Observatory

Chris discusses his early considerations for building an observatory and Shane talks about his new project of building a suitcase observatory - everything needed to observe in a suitcase that can carried onto an airplane. 

Oct 2021

#163 - First Light For a Couple of New Eyepieces

Chris was able to try his 32mm Masuyama and Shane was able to try his 12.5mm Baader Morpheus. Hear about the first impressions in this epejsode…and some observing reports!

Oct 2021

#162 - Special Guest Epsiode

Mark Radice from joins Chris and Shane to discuss lots of amateur astronomy topics. You can also check out Mark’s YouTube channel by searching for Refreshing Views. 

Oct 2021

#161 - What to Do When Cloud Moves in Just Before You Are About to Observe

Chris and Shane talk about what they do when their observing plans are changed due to weather and other events. 

Oct 2021

#160 - Lots of Observing More Binoviewer Feedback

Chris and Shane were to do a lot of observing during the past week. Shane continues to use his binoviewers and continues to be impressed. 

Oct 2021

#159 -Picking Eyepieces

Chris and Shane talk about how they pick eyepieces to observe with. 

Oct 2021

#158 - Chris and Shane Have Lots of Observing to Talk About

Chris and Shane share their observing reports. 

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