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Jun 2022

#235 - Objects to Observe in July 2022

Chris and Shane discuss lots of great things to observe in July 2022. Show notes for the episode can be found at

Jun 2022

#234 - Conversation With Special Guest Brian Ventrudo

Chris and Shane have a great conversation with Brian Ventrudo who contributes to Sky & Telescope and Sky News magazines. Check out Brian’s website 

Jun 2022

#233 - Scorpius Deep Dive

Chris and Shane discuss interesting deep sky objects to observe in Scorpius. Show notes can be found at

Jun 2022

#232 - Interesting Email Exchanges

Chris and Shane discuss some interesting email exchanges with listeners. 

Jun 2022

#231 - SQM Updates and Other Odds and Ends

Listeners provide input for using SQMs…and many other topics are discussed. 

Jun 2022

#230 - Double Stars with Blake Nancarrow

Blake Nancarrow, RASC Observing Committee Chair, joins Chris and Shane to discuss double stars and a few other things. Blake created the RASC Double Star observing program, details can be found at Check out Blake’s blog at

Jun 2022

#229 - Another Listener Email Episode

Chris and Shane read and discuss listener emails. 

Jun 2022

#228 - Comet Catcher Updates and Observing Reports

Chris was able to observe with his Comet Catcher and Shane observed with his newly acquired Borg 25mm achromat. Both guys share their observing reports. 

Jun 2022

#227 -Observation Reports From Grasslands National Park

Chris and Shane were in Grasslands National Park and share their observing reports. 

May 2022

#226 - Objects to Observe In June 2022

Chris and Shane discuss objects to observe in June 2022. A list of everything discussed can be found at

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